Array Handling
Keyword Type Syntax Usage Function
Dim Statement Dim A(10) Dim A(10) Declares an array
Erase Statement Erase A Erase A Clears the contents of an array
IsArray Function IsArray(A) IsArray(A) Returns True is A is an array, False if it is not
LBound Function LBound(A) X = LBound(A) Returns lower bound of an array, in VBScript always returns 0
Preserve Statement ReDim Preserve A(10) ReDim Preserve A(10) Copies a dynamic array to a resized dynamic array
ReDim Statement ReDim A() or ReDim A(10) ReDim A() or ReDim A(10) Declares or redimensions a dynamic array (see Preserve)
UBound Function UBound(A) X = UBound(A) Returns upper bound of an array